Weslley Souza Rezende

9 October, Session 1.4
Case Study - Caramuru - A Brazilian Producer's Perspective

joined Caramuru in March 1987. He worked in Human Resources as Training Supervisor until May 1988, and as Human Resources Supervisor until March 1989. In June 1989 he started his career in the Commercial Area, first as a Market Analyst and later as Foreign Market Operator, until July 1990. In August 1990 he was promoted to Commercial Manager, working in the retail market for two years with corn and soya products. From 1992 to 1997 he worked as Market Operator, in a managerial position, being in charge of the implementation and coordination of the sales policy for refined oil (from the recently inaugurated refinery) and other soya products. In November 1997 he was appointed Manager of Commodities, and placed in charge of all commercial operations related to the soya segment such as: Internal and export sales policy, hedge parameters, among others. In November 2001 he was appointed Director of Commodities of the Caramuru Group.
In his current capacity as Director of Commodities, he is in charge of coordinating the complete sales flow of the company’s soya segment as the Leader of the Soya Business. His responsibilities have been extended to integrate the whole soya chain, namely origination, storage, transportation, production, finance and sales. In the Total Quality Management he coordinates the traceability program of the whole productive soya chain to assure preserved identity of the products (bran and lecithin) free from transgenic contamination (Non-GMO Hard IP Program), and since 2007 he is the leader of the company’s Biodiesel sales. Brazilian, married, 46, lives in Itumbiara, State of Goiás; holds a degree in Foreign Trade from UNEB (União Educacional de Brasília) and a post-graduate degree in Corporate Management and Marketing from FUNDACE-FEARP-USP (Foundation for the Research and Development of Business Administration, Accountancy and Economics of the University of São Paulo.

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