Pascale Loget

8 Oct - Session 1.1
Keynote Address: Emergent Opportunities for the Food and Agricultural Industries

is a 49 year old, visual artist by profession and member of the Green Party. She served as Deputy Mayor of Rennes, the capital of Brittany (Breizh), from 1995 to 2004. Since then she has been the Vice-President of the Council of Brittany, after winning 9.7% of the votes as chief candidate of a coalition between Greens and a regionalist party. For 12 years, Pascale Loget has been working against the dispersal of GMOs. She is in charge of the working group on 'International Agreements' in the Network of GM Free European Regions and Local Authorities (40 regions) and organised a fact-finding mission to Brazil of the authorities on the soy trade. She hosted the 4th conference of the Network of GM-free European Regions in Rennes. At present, she is preparing a conference on 'Non-GM foodstuffs and a European Regional Agricultural Strategy'.

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