Jochen Koester

9 October, Session 2.3
Supply Chain Communication

is the founder of TraceConsultâ„¢, a Geneva-based consultancy focussing on the practical implementation of ethical food production, processing and commodity trade in the widest sense.
A law background and a decade of extensive experience dealing with raw materials producers and trading companies in various parts of the globe as well as with food manufacturers and major retailers in Europe and the Americas as well as interaction with governments in different parts of the world and of EU Member States, the EU Commission, consumer associations and a host of NGOs allow him access to the way such diverse bodies think.
Beginning in the late 1990s, Jochen introduced the Brazilian soy industry to the practical reality of fully documented traceability and the non-GM production of soy products at less than 0.1% GMO content.

Slide Presentation

Is it possible to get your slide, please ?

Your Slides...

I agree with what "Morin" asked earlier on... possible to have your slides ?


I see French are interseting to get your good presentation.
Thanks in advance
rgds. thierry

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