Augusto Freire

8 October, Session 2.5
An Overview of Supplies and Costs Around the World

started working for Genetic ID in 2000 and since he is in charge of business development projects for Genetic ID in Brazil and South America, has established a Genetic ID licensee in Brazil, Laboratório ALAC, in 2003, and has simultaneously developed extensive business opportunities for Cert ID in Brazil and South America. In 2003, he was appointed CEO of CERT ID Certificadora Ltda. As a result of his knowledge and experience in the area of certification, CERT ID Ltda certifies the Identity Preservation Systems of sixteen industrial plants in Brazil, one in Bolivia, one in Colombia and four in India. He also works internationally at the buyer-end in Europe, North America and Asia, in connection with other companies of the ID Group, to develop the pull-through market for non-GMO products supplied by Brazilian clients. Before joining Genetic ID and Cert ID, Mr Freire led his own consulting business for EMATER and other companies in the area of agribusiness in Southern Brazil. He also studied mechanical engineering in Rio de Janeiro, where he worked together with patent attorneys Daniel & Cia for over fifteen years in connection with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office.

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