Presenters - 8th Oct

NameSessionsort iconTopic
Augusto Freire8 October, Session 2.5An Overview of Supplies and Costs Around the World
Renaud Layadi8 October, Session 2.4Labeling of Animal Products as 'Produced from GMOs' if Produced with GM Feed - History, Science and Economics
Blanche Magariños-Rey8 October, Session 2.3Voluntary Non-GMO/GMO-Free Labelling Claims
Dr Josef Stockinger8 October, Session 2.2The Role of the Non-GMO/GMO-Free Claim in Preserving Sustainable, Quality Agricultural Production in Europe
Dr John Fagan8 October, Session 2.1Introduction: Is There Really a Shortage of Non-GMO Supply?
Peter Melchett8 October, Session 1.9Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Key Determinants of EU Consumer Acceptance of Food Products
Jonathon Bayne8 October, Session 1.8Sustainable, Non-GMO Soy - Food Retailer's Perspective
Rudolf Bühler8 October, Session 1.7Sustainable, Non-GMO Soy - Foundation of Premium Meat and Poultry production
Michael Sheridan8 October, Session 1.6Sustainable, Non-GMO Soy, Essential Element in Manufactured Soy Products
Georg Scattolin8 October, Session 1.5Social, Environmental, Non-GMO Initiatives in the Soy Sector
César Borges de Sousa8 October, Session 1.4Introducing ABRANGE - The Brazilian Association of Producers of Non-GMO Soy
Claudia Fenor8 Oct - Session 1.3Non-GMO Soy - Public Opinion and Market Analysis
Lucas Meyer8 Oct - Session 1.2Sustainable and Non-GMO Soy Markets in Europe
Pascale Loget8 Oct - Session 1.1Keynote Address: Emergent Opportunities for the Food and Agricultural Industries

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