Presenters - 8th Oct

Namesort iconSessionTopic
Augusto Freire8 October, Session 2.5An Overview of Supplies and Costs Around the World
Blanche Magariños-Rey8 October, Session 2.3Voluntary Non-GMO/GMO-Free Labelling Claims
César Borges de Sousa8 October, Session 1.4Introducing ABRANGE - The Brazilian Association of Producers of Non-GMO Soy
Claudia Fenor8 Oct - Session 1.3Non-GMO Soy - Public Opinion and Market Analysis
Dr John Fagan8 October, Session 2.1Introduction: Is There Really a Shortage of Non-GMO Supply?
Dr Josef Stockinger8 October, Session 2.2The Role of the Non-GMO/GMO-Free Claim in Preserving Sustainable, Quality Agricultural Production in Europe
Georg Scattolin8 October, Session 1.5Social, Environmental, Non-GMO Initiatives in the Soy Sector
Jonathon Bayne8 October, Session 1.8Sustainable, Non-GMO Soy - Food Retailer's Perspective
Lucas Meyer8 Oct - Session 1.2Sustainable and Non-GMO Soy Markets in Europe
Michael Sheridan8 October, Session 1.6Sustainable, Non-GMO Soy, Essential Element in Manufactured Soy Products
Pascale Loget8 Oct - Session 1.1Keynote Address: Emergent Opportunities for the Food and Agricultural Industries
Peter Melchett8 October, Session 1.9Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Key Determinants of EU Consumer Acceptance of Food Products
Renaud Layadi8 October, Session 2.4Labeling of Animal Products as 'Produced from GMOs' if Produced with GM Feed - History, Science and Economics
Rudolf Bühler8 October, Session 1.7Sustainable, Non-GMO Soy - Foundation of Premium Meat and Poultry production

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